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If hunting is your passion, we’ve got you covered when it comes to security.

Gun laws are getting tougher. So why not make sure you have the best and most secure safe? With an Extreme Gun Safe you have the peace of mind that your firearms are stored securely out of reach of children or unauthorised persons: keeping you on the right side of the law and protecting your family.
Extreme Gun Safes have got the thumbs up from the NZ Police and are a fixture in many hunter’s homes.

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These conditions require that license holders:

  • Not put a firearm in such a place that a young child has ready access to it;
  • Take “reasonable steps” to ensure that ammunition is not stored “in such a way that a person who
    obtains access to the firearm also obtains access to the ammunition,” or, where ammunition is
    stored with the firearm, ensures that the firearm is not capable of being discharged;
  • Take “reasonable steps” to ensure that firearms are secured against theft, which includes using a lockable cabinet, container, or stout receptacle; or a lockable steel and concrete storeroom; or a display rack in which firearms may be immobilized and locked so that none can be fired.

A secure and safe storage place for your firearms is so important that The Arms Code states that the Police must ensure that an applicant can provide safe storage prior to granting a Firearms License.

Our Products

Keep your firearms safe and meet the requirements of the NZ Firearms Legislation with one of our Extreme Gun Safes. Extreme A Category Gun Safes are among the most secure safes on the market.

The General A Category Gun Safe is the safe for general firearms, with a minimum of four locking pins. Larger models are also available, with a seven lever mortice-style lock with five shooting bolts to secure the door.

Looking for maximum security? We also manufacture an E Category Gun Safe which is designed for the storage of military-style firearms and pistols. This safe is manufactured from 6mm steel and certified to the highest standard.

Looking for convenience? Check out our new Rotating Gun Safes. Offering excellent protection for your valued firearms with the convenience of our unique rotating platform. There is no better option for safely storing your firearms and valuables. Keep your family and community protected with an Extreme Gun Safe.

The Arms Regulations 1992 set out conditions relating to safety precautions that apply to all Firearms Licenses.

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